Sunday, 22 March 2009

The future is bright for British television Broadcasting

Is The future Bright or Dull ?

Britain exports more than half the world's TV formats

British television formats is a almost always US television schedules

The UK's digital economy accounts for around 8% of GDP. It has been one of the fastest growing successes of the past decades.

Format purchasing is commonly use with broadcasters
It is alot cheaper to import something already popular than to risk the flop of a new creation.

The UK's advertising money has plummeted by £100m in the past eight years
Sites such as youtube and other video and file sharing wesites means That television broadcasting are looseing money and not recieving any royalties or funding from such webstie. Sites such as these allow audiences to watch when they want , However television companies have alsos jumped on this wagon and have uploading links to their websites to allow audience to watch there formats on their site when ever they want .

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