Wednesday, 3 June 2009

To what extent have technological enhancements change the face of British broadcasting in recent years.

Technology has always been the key aspect to broadcasting, with the ever-increasing pace of technologies proliferation, the way in which we enjoy and consume broadcasting is ever changing. Portability, convergence and personalisation of these products makes the demographics feel entirely in control of the way they watch British broadcasting.

With the discovery of the Internet, the way in which broadcasting was consumed by the British public begun a radical change. Consumers were in control of when they watch their desired programme watching all of their favourite soaps and television in the comfort of their own room, on a channels website. For example BBC I player allows their demographic to view past programmes over a certain amount of days. By BBC allowing such opportunity Piracy of these programmes becomes less likely.

The convergence present with set top boxes like sky plus, allows broadcasters demographics to view, record and personalise the way in which they enjoy television. Sky plus allows audience to record, rewind and pause live television. For once the tables have turn and audience have control of nearly a thousand channels than the measly 5 it began with.

Technology such as the Epson EMP1000, and other home use projectors allow audiences to create the cinematic experience in the comfort of their own homes. With state of the art equipment available soaps and documentary can be viewed in the same way we view film. Thanks to the discovery of HD specific channels allow the audience to watch television in immaculate detail.

Technological break throughs like the Sony STR brings the pinnacle of top quality sound to our living rooms, with technologies like this available the way we view British broadcasting has changed forever. Television screens are becoming bigger and wider as unspoken competition tells us we must have a big screen.

Mobile phone convergence is allowing us to do almost anything from the palm of our hands. With gadgets like the Nokia N73 and the Ipod touch, “Mobisodes” (Mini programmes) have been growing hugely in popularity, allowing us to view television programmes anywhere we go. This growing interest in portability makes broadcasting viewable in any situation, time or place.